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OCTOBER 25, 2023

Corinthian Place will follow the following protocols regarding visitations if Washoe county, Nevada will advised

us that there are rising Covid-19 cases.


     a. Must be honest if the person visiting has symptoms and possible COVID exposure;


     b. Visitors who have (1) Positive viral test for Covid-19, (2) Symptoms of Covid-19, or (3) currently meet the criteria for

          quarantine,  (4) have known Covid-19 exposure, SHOULD NOT enter the group home. Staff are expected to screen

          all visitors who enter Corinthian Place with no exclusion.


     c. It will be ideal to present a copy of visitor’s vaccination and booster shot card upon entry to the group home.


     d. New KN95 or N95 must be requested upon entering the group home. Visitors are expected to replace whatever

          mask they are wearing upon entry point of the group home.


     e. Indoor visitation must be limited to 30 minutes maximum per person per visit.


     f. Outdoor visitation is encouraged over indoors if the weather is okay, social distancing must be observed,

          no hugging or kissing and the resident needs to wear N95 or KN95.


     g. No more than 2 persons per visit. Please limit visitation to maximum of 30 minutes.  


     h. Please call the facility respectively at least 24 hours before visitation to control/ monitor the schedule and                          

         overcrowding during visitation.

     i. Visitors must visit their family member only and expected not to roam around. 

     j. 3-ply Face Mask/cloth masks are not allowed.

     k. Social Distancing is strongly encouraged at all times.

     l. The RFA encourages virtual visitation by using FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet, and Phone calls.

     m. As part of the facility’s commitment to protect this vulnerable community, we are continuing to follow the

          guidance from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control and

          Prevention (CDC).


Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding the need to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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