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Corinthian Place lovely homes are located in Northwest, Hidden Valley and University Ridge areas providing individualized non-medical care in a homelike environment. We accept patients from homes needing more care and assistance or from hospitals needing hospice, home health services contracted from different companies and even bed bound residents.  

Corinthian Place Group homes are providing individualized 

non-medical care in a homelike environment.  

Individualized Care Plan

World renown filipino compassion care is

an added bonus.

Northwest location has 8 beds consisting of 5 private rooms and 3 shared rooms.

Hidden Valley location has 9 beds with two room that can be converted to a private room if available at that time.

Visitation Guidelines from CMS

Our lovely homes


Corinthian Place, LLC 


2630 Sunray Drive

Reno Nevada 89503

Corinthian Place South

Hidden Valley

5855 Lone Horse Dr

Reno Nevada 89502

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