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Why Choose Us:

- Pro-Active in our care of our residents. 

We go beyond "Normal Care"  or what is expected from a group home.  This translates to "In-depth" appraisal and conference of important health issues between families and medical personnel. 

We observe changes in appetite, behavior and mood of our

residents that are crucial information for their medical needs.  

- Food preparation is customized according to preferences

  and nutritional value.

- Our home is well interiored, and updated regularly to create     a cozy ambience.

- We deep clean our homes regularly and sanitize               

   everywhere to keep it safe.

- Reasonably priced with Five star service.

Our Accomplishments in the Industry and Community


As an operator of three lovely homes for elderlies,  I have 20 years of work experience that trails ISO standards, putting this learning to every work that I do that became the way of life at Corinthian Place.  


I acquired my Bachelor’s degree major in Business & Marketing Management at De La Salle University in Manila. I spent numerous years in Quality Assurance in the Global market with famous garment retailer company based in New York, that leads to my career as a Quality Assurance Specialist at a Sportswear manufacturer here in Reno NV, with multiple factories in Sri Lanka, San Francisco and Mexico. This experience became my standard which

I incorporated in every craft that I do. 


As a QA Specialist that has broad knowledge about Quality Standards, I made sure that these parameters are applied at Corinthian Place. The daily operations of our group home are with high quality. We assure that we put details in every care that we give, providing the necessary medication, scheduling appointments, and adjusting to changes in conditions of our residents, and that policies are constantly improving that contributes to our high quality of service. 


My husband Ron, who is actively managing and operating our family owned Manila Hongkong Store and Kitchen (an Asian Grocery store in Sparks)  has been sharing a lot of his fresh produce and nutritious variants to our residents.  The grocery business has been serving the Nevadan Community for over 40 years now.


Our humble beginnings as a group home started with 2 residents for five years at the Northwest area of Reno, eventually the operations increased to six, then to eight residents by continuous expansion, renovation and improvement of our group home. We also have a branch in South of Reno that caters nine residents. Recently, we acquired a new branch in the University Ridge of Reno a home for individual care that caters 2 residents. 


In addition, Corinthian Place abides with the standards set by the State of Nevada that made our group home safe and consistent. We take pride of our continual annual Grade of A, with no deficiencies. 


My culture and my professional experiences helped me shape what Corinthian Place is today. Meticulous habits in care, and quality of service that aims high standard sets us apart. This has been the culture of Corinthian Place, we communicate love, care and respect to our elders, and encourage connection to their families. 


At Corinthian Place, you will feel the warmth of home, join us and experience the care that you deserve. 

Corinthian Place ensures you that we will uphold to your expectations to the best of our abilities.

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